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There are a number of actions I go through to deliver as much awareness as possible for your home:


  • We deliver multiple high quality HD pictures of your home both inside and outside that will be placed on the Multiple Listing Service which can be accessed by the agents in the area and the prospective Buyers, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • We deliver a personalized custom web page and yard sign. Your Listing will have a dedicated web page, featuring  a personalized video tour,  every picture, school and tax information and other information that is not available in MLS.  This website will be branded on the yard sign with a QR code, making it mobile friendly. Buyers will be able to access this site while they are at your property. It's like viewing a mobile brochure, while the prospective buyer is standing in your front yard.
  • We deliver a professional, personal custom video tour featuring pictures and listing information. As of the fall of 2016, we now provide aerial photography to even more enhance your listing.
  • We deliver professional, sharp and creative ad copy for your listing brief and for local advertising publications.
  • We deliver  quality marketing materials in the form of colored brochures of your home, property postcards for target markets, ad copy for media advertising‚Äď inclusive of internet sites, newspaper & magazine advertising.
  • We deliver a home book that details all property marketing information including the amenities & features of your home, schools you are zoned for, neighborhood & area information, Association information, financing & promotional incentives, i.e. everything a buyer would need to make a decision on purchasing your home.
  • We deliver listings on Facebook, Craigslist, and other Internet sites, and include it in my Monthly Newsletter that is emailed to over 1400 people.    Our Monthly Newsletter has much higher than  average engagement compared to  industry average.
  • We deliver a broker tour where you will have approximately 75 agents from  my office, as well as the other  Long & Foster offices and agents within our market viewing your listing and home information.
  • We deliver an open house, if requested.


          What you see is what you get.

           I look forward to meeting you, and learning how I can DELIVER.


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